ClinicPlast is a Health Tourism Intermediary Company.


Our popular operations include the surgical operations such as Plastic and Aesthetic surgery operations as well as minimally invasive injection procedures, micro-needle fractional radiofrequency, professional skin care, ozone therapy, hair transplantation and many more.


We provide you with a unique experience by personalizing advanced and most effective skin care application, Hydrafacial. As ClinicPlast, we use the original Hydrafacial device and solutions that are FDA approved and have been selected as the preferred skin care in the USA for years. In addition to the classical steps of Hydrafacial, our expert esthetician performs a personalized skin care procedure for you with additional applications according to skin type, skin needs, age and gender. With these additional applications, the effect and duration of the Hydrafacial are maximized. YOU CAN CONTACT US TO EXPERIENCE HYDRAFACIAL WITH THE DIFFERENCE OF CLINICPLAST AND GET INFORMATION ABOUT OUR PERSONALIZED SKIN CARE PROCEDURES FROM OUR EXPERT AESTHETICIAN!

We are happy to provide you with the advanced quality service in Ataköy, the golden ratio point of Istanbul, and we are getting stronger with your happiness. Do not forget that we are all already beautiful, but we will be waiting for you in our clinic for our guests who desire more.

ClinicPlast is located in the heart of Istanbul, in Ataköy, mostly known for its luxury shopping district. ClinicPlast has the standard of excellence in personalized care, which enables us to provide the healing services.